Domestic violence against men

When it comes to domestic violence against men, why are men not complaining?


In a world where Domestic Violence Against Women is so Prevalent, where you can’t pick up a Newspaper or turn on TV without hearing about it daily, I find it quite intriguing that there appears to be very little said about Domestic Violence today against men. In my Private Practice I am hearing too often that males are being physically, mentally, and verbally abused, but most men feel too ashamed to talk about it. One client recently told me that all his male friends laugh at him when he tells them he is being physically abused by his very “small” wife who takes a bat to him!

As a sex and relationship counsellor, I have spoken to numerous men who are married to women who have a higher sex drive than they have. When they can’t perform, they are verbally and physically abused by their frustrated partners. Unlike women who can “fake” it, males can’t fake an erection, hence they receive verbal and physical abuse. They in turn will not ask for help or report this for fear of further intimidations and ridicule from their male counter-parts who scoff at them and tell them to send their partners over to them!! Truth is, when a man becomes anxious about performing, it becomes a catch 22, they suffer performance anxiety, thus no erection.

It is not OK to suffer any form of abuse be it male or female. I feel I have to be the voice for men, as there appears to be no one out there acting as their “spokes-person”