Treatment of Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks without Medication

We all live in a very anxiety provoking world today and many thousands of people experience bouts of anxiety or depression. Sometimes anxiety can be so immobilizing that it manifests into depression and vice versa. However, many people suffer with reactive anxiety or depression to events in their lives which can be misdiagnosed as depression when in fact they are more suppressed than depressed.

There are also many people who have what is described as a Generalized Anxiety Disorder which they have had most of their lives, and many people have a chemical imbalance that creates a physiological depression. More often than not these people need medication but it has been researched and the findings are that only 30% of people who are prescribed anti-depressants, find them effective.

Many people are given mood stabilisers and tranquilisers to no avail. Thus 70% of people on medication do not need it and can get over their condition with the help of clinical intervention. Many people experience panic attacks, which are very frightening and can lead to a condition called Agoraphobia (fear of leaving their house).

Treatment for anxiety, depression and panic attacks consists of clinical psychotherapy to find the core of the problem and combine it with sessions of EEG Neurological Biofeedback. Many people have found this treatment to be very successful without having to take medication and many have been able to wean themselves off their medication successfully.

I work with my son Daniel Simons (clinical Psychologist) who specialises in the treatment of Anxiety/Depression/Panic Attacks.

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Successful outcomes for a crippling condition.