70% of people who are taking anti-depressants do not need them

Research has found that 70% of people who present to doctors with symptoms of anxiety/depression and who are given anti-depressants, do not need them.

In fact, these people are more suppressed than depressed. When situations occur in life and they are not dealt with, we tend to store the negative feelings until more occur over time. There is a steady build up, and we continue to implode until our implosion manifests into symptoms of anxiety and depression. Hence, anti-depressants have no affect. Psychotherapy is about teaching people to understand themselves and how they can change old destructive behaviours to healthy new ones. Doctors do not have the time or experience to do that, hence the quick fix is to pop a pill! Psychotherapy, along with EEG Neurological bio-feedback is a more effective way to deal with changing behaviour.