Relationship counselling for couples and individuals

50% of marriages end up in divorce today. There are numerous reasons: couples fall out of love, they lose respect for one another, they do not know how to resolve conflict, there is little caring and sharing, life becomes more like a tit for tat, they have sexual issues, financial issues, family issues and step-children issues. There are many other reasons not mentioned here but the fact that relationships are very difficult in today’s society. I believe in saving marriages, not breaking them unless there is nowhere else to go and then I work with separation counselling.


I teach couples how to be nice to each other again. I give guidance and teach them how to resurrect love, passion and intimacy back into their lives. For those who have never experienced it, I show them how to achieve it.

In a practical and fun way, I teach my clients how to communicate differently and spontaneously talk about all their needs that are not being met. I teach my clients about themselves and about each other, because in the end, knowledge is power. Once people have this understanding, they can then make choices to stay as they are or make constructive changes for happiness.

I also teach them about mutual respect and understanding for each other’s needs, along with caring for one another so that in the end they recognize the need to listen and validate their partner and finally I teach them a relationship does not mean ownership. Once couples understand each other and themselves, they can live together enjoying each other and still be themselves.

Successful strategies for

  • Affairs: how to deal with your partner cheating
  • Communication - Lack of or poor communication
  • Blended families and all related issues
  • Sexual issues (read sexual counselling)
  • Lack of affection
  • Difference between sexual and non-sexual affection
  • Controlling behaviour
  • Financial issues
  • Issues with Wills
  • Abuse: physical, verbal, mental, sexual, financial and coersive
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Relationships and IVF
  • Single man/single girl syndrome
  • Step-children and in-laws
  • Anger problems
  • Problems with parenting children

Your relationship is worth understanding.