Psychology and Psychotherapy


I am a well renowned and respected therapist based on the Gold Coast Australia.

I have spent many years helping people change their perspectives on life from having negative beliefs to positive ones.

I take pride in that I have saved many relationships and still continue to do so wherever possible. I help couples restore their sexual needs and passion back into their lives and teach them how to communicate authentically. I also help people deal with their mental issues, which is prevalent today and their behavioural challenges.

Ruth Simons

C.S.W; B.S.Sci.Psych (Hons); FACCP; LMAAPi

  • Clinical Psychotherapist and Registered Psychologist
  • Sexologist
  • Guest Speaker and Lecturer
  • Newspaper Columnist
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Author
  • Past Member of the Board of Assessors for the Queensland Government
  • Talkback radio presenter

We can understand, improve and change... together.