Psychologist and Clinical Psychotherapist
C.S.W; B.S.Sci.Psych (Hons); FACCP; LMAAPi

Relationship counselling for couples and individuals

Proactive treatment for anxiety, stress and depression

Sex Therapy

Ruth Simons is a registered psychologist and clinical psychotherapist using her learned knowledge and skills to work with a range of complex human problems.

These include relationship counselling for couples and individuals, sex therapy and proactive treatment for anxiety, stress and depression.

“I love helping people to build happy and healthy relationships”.

Ruth Simons

Ruth Simons

C.S.W; B.S.Sci.Psych (Hons); FACCP; LMAAPi

  • Clinical Psychotherapist and Registered Psychologist
  • Sexologist
  • Guest Speaker and Lecturer
  • Newspaper Columnist
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Author
  • Past Member of the Board of Assessors for the Queensland Government
  • Talkback radio presenter

Ruth Simons areas of specialty

Sex Therapy


Proactive Treatment


  • Past-President and Fellow of the Australian College of Psychologists (Gold Coast).
  • Former Panelist / Member of the Queensland Health Practitioners Tribunal.
  • Co-founder, Secretary, and Lifetime Member of the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc. ( )
  • Member of ITAA (International Transactional Analysis Association).
  • Member of SAS (Society of Australian Sexologists).


Ruth and Olivia Podcast

Weekly Podcast

“Sex With My Grandma”

Click on the link above to listen to Ruth’s weekly podcast, which she co-hosts with her granddaughter Olivia, a single gal in her 30’s.

They talk about everything to do with modern day dating, relationships and of course sex.