Psychologist and Clinical Psychotherapist
C.S.W; B.S.Sci.Psych (Hons); FACCP; LMAAPi


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This book Sex, Lies and Relationships, has been written to help anyone who wants to learn lessons and make positive choices. Using the real, unvarnished queries that I receive from clients in my practice, and from correspondents to a long-running newspaper column, I show how you can stop being bewildered and start understanding and directing your intimate life.

An underlying theme to many of these concerns is lack of confidence, lack of trust, lack of understanding; and the fundamental thread running through the solutions is communication. When communication is twisted, we get distorted interpretations, the sure sign of a relationship in trouble: learning to say it straight, and open up calm, fruitful lines of communication are essential techniques that we’ll explore.

Your intimate relationship may be cruising, or running into storms; you may even be looking for the lifeboat. Wherever you are at on the journey, this manual of real-life problems and practical solutions may hopefully give you both tools and inspiration to turn your story into a passionate, intimate, and joyous one.

Ruth’s Profile

  • Clinical Psychotherapist and Registered Psychologist
  • Sexologist
  • Guest Speaker and Lecturer
  • Newspaper Columnist
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Author
  • Past Member of the Board of Assessors for the Queensland Government
  • Talkback radio presenter

I am a registered psychologist having established my own private practice in 1988.

During the 1980’s I worked in a private psychiatric hospital in Sydney, for ten years.

As a registered psychologist I utilize clinical psychotherapy and psychology for the treatment of complex human problems.

I have conducted corporate workshops in Australia and abroad and maintain a high media profile.


  • 9Past-President and Fellow of the Australian College of Psychologists (Gold Coast).
  • 9Former Panelist / Member of the Queensland Health Practitioners Tribunal.
  • 9Co-founder, Secretary, and Life Member of the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc. (
  • 9Member of ITAA (International Transactional Analysis Association).
  • 9Member of SAS (Society of Australian Sexologists).

Community Involvements:

  • 9Rotary Chapters QLD & NSW
  • 9Probus
  • 9RSPCA
  • 9NCJW
  • 9WIZO
  • 9Women’s Health & Well-Being Expo 2012
  • 9Early Risers Breakfast Club
  • 9Builders and Architects Association
  • 9TAFE (Staff)