Psychologist and Clinical Psychotherapist
C.S.W; B.S.Sci.Psych (Hons); FACCP; LMAAPi

Self esteem and confidence

A lot of people are born with low self esteem and others lose their confidence and self esteem through life’s traumas: Loss of partners in relationships, loss of finances, feeling a failure, loss of work, aging, loss of attractiveness, loss of health, loss of independence, and many other reasons.

Using clinical techniques my clients learn to raise their self esteem by understanding themselves and why they behave the way they do. With this new understanding they are given tools to deal with issues that in the past have left them feeling disempowered.


Gold Coast Clinic

Suite 4, The Professional Centre, 189 Ashmore Road, Benowa, QLD 4217.

Sydney Clinic

Dr Anthony Lowy Consulting Rooms, 16 Vernon Street , Bondi Junction, NSW 2022.

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