I would like to hear how you would have handled it and I would like other parents to hear this story and be aware that this too could happen to your child. Very recently, I checked my daughter’s Facebook, as I often do only to discover that there was a statement that my daughter “thinks … Read more

I was shocked, for many reasons first for not realizing that my 14 year old was anyway near being sexual, but she told me that the pressure was not only coming from the boys but from the girls as well. She said many of the girls in her class were sexually active and told her … Read more

My husband and I were shocked to find our daughter partially nude in a ‘Selfie” photograph she had on her mobile phone and forced her to admit that she had sent it to her boyfriend, and a couple of her girlfriends. We were horrified to learn that this behaviour is called “sexting”. We took her … Read more