Why are men reluctant to seek medical help when they can’t perform sexually? Answer: Did you know that when anything goes amiss with a woman’s genital area she will seek medical intervention immediately? Men tend to hold off doing this as thy fear admitting they have a problem. Many have a tendency to let their … Read more

Research has found that 70% of people who present to doctors with symptoms of anxiety/depression and who are given anti-depressants, do not need them. In fact, these people are more suppressed than depressed. When situations occur in life and they are not dealt with, we tend to store the negative feelings until more occur over … Read more

When it comes to domestic violence against men, why are men not complaining? Answer: In a world where Domestic Violence Against Women is so Prevalent, where you can’t pick up a Newspaper or turn on TV without hearing about it daily, I find it quite intriguing that there appears to be very little said about … Read more

It didn’t come as a shock to me as we haven’t had sex for months. We have been married 7 years and we have two children. In this time I have put on a lot of weight, especially with my two pregnancies, unfortunately I have not lost weight in between having the two children. I … Read more

SOME QUESTIONS THAT COUPLES HAVE ASKED RE THEIR MARRIAGE ISSUES OR PARTNER ISSUES. Q. I’m a married man whose wife is so not affectionate. She has never been an affectionate person since we have known each other. I love her so much and I know that she loves me but just a little affection would … Read more